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About us


Polybo AS is one of Nordic’s leading prefabrication practices.

Established in 2008, founders with a common passion would

like to build smarter houses, better houses

– for everyone, not only the ones that can afford to pay premium prices.

Polybo AS 是北欧预制建筑的领先企业。公司于2008年创立,




What we do

Polybo has since 2013 developed and patented a new system for building element houses that may represent a «game Changer» in the home building industry. This development was initiated in close cooperation with CNERCHS, and was based on the common goal of achieving the Chinese long term strategies for qualities and cost frames for future homes. In Cooperation with CNERCHS, CITIAH, and CADG, a demonstration house was built in 2018 at the CITIAH test demostration in Beijing.

自2013年以来,Polybo技术不断发展,其研究并开发的建筑单元住宅理念获得了专利,这代表了其 将有可能改变住宅建筑市场的工业化规则。 这一发展是与国家住宅与居住环境工程技术研究中心 (CNERCHS) 密切合作开始的,Polybo与国 家住宅与居住环境工程技术研究中心有着共同目标–实现中国未来住宅质量和成本框架战略。 在与CNERCHS,国家住宅科技产业技术创新战略联盟(CITIAH)和中国建筑设计研究院的合作 中,2018年, 位于北京的CITIAH试验示范基地,建成其示范房。

What is PMCS?

Polybo Modular Construction System, PMCS, consists of Slab – and wall elements in reinforced Polyconcrete material. The elements are bolted together to form standard types of construction modules that can be assembled to complete raw building structures. All type of components in the building are assembled only with bolts or screws, with no need for welding, casting and painting. The lift – and staircase walls are the “main stiffening” elements of the construction. Polyconcrete consists of grinded EPS material (80volume percent), cement, water, and protein powder. The elements are cast with steel reinforcement and can be produced on traditional PC factories.



Fire Resistance

More than 3 hours at 1100 degrees Celsius

Fire test has been approved in 2018.

Vertical load capacity:
-6600 kg pr meter wall
Horizontal load capacity
-Withstands wind velocities of 240 km pr hour.
-Anti Seismic fortification of 9 on richter scale.

Final testings for earthquake has been accomplished at China Academy for Building Research on January 9th, 2019. 


建筑的防火等级–1100 摄氏度可达到大于三小时







.建筑材料抗震实验于2019年1月9日在中国建筑科学研 究院顺利完成,达到抗震设防烈度8度标准,且在更大设防烈度下不倒塌。