Polybo AS was established in 2008 by founders with a common passion for building smarter houses, better houses – for everyone, not only the ones that can afford to pay premium prices.

They refined the concept of poly-concrete, designed houses, and easy to follow drawings, and qualified personnel to teach local entrepreneurs to build cost efficient and safe houses. Today the company is a prominent provider of efficient homes in Bangladesh. The concept is so efficient that it facilitates rising of complete houses, quicker and cheaper than it takes to mobilize tents for refugees or in disaster areas like in Nepal, on Tahiti or in the Northern Africa/Middle East.

Polybo’s main vision is to build cost efficient houses in the third world, as an integral part of local government programs, together with international aid organizations, the UN or Norwegian aid programs. This is based on conventional poly concrete, produced in large bricks and with house drawings typically for 25-50 sqm, simple design house buildings.

Now, that it has been possible to reinforced poly-concrete – and patent the application – moves the technology into a totally different sphere:

  • the monumental, commercial pre-fab house-market in the industrial world,
  • for production of floor- or roof elements for industrial or multi-story home building market
  • For temporary homes, office appliances (barracks)
  • For stores or storage buildings, factory buildings
  • For road or pavement appliances