Our patented innovation consists of modular light elements made by reinforced polyconcrete. The modular “plug & play” design makes it easy to form strong structures in basically any shape or size.

This means the areas of application are countless; ranging from private housing, to public and industrial construction. Moreover, by using an open production system applying BIM-technology the concept also open for the industrialisation of the entire building process. All components can therefore be supplied at the lowest possible market price and still be based on BAT. Furthermore, the use of polyconcrete underpins the EU action plan for a Circular Economy.

Given that 80% of polystyrene packaging waste can be used as raw material for polyconcrete, it directly supports the goals to reduce packaging waste with 75% and reduce landfill to 10% of municipal waste by 2030. Due to the light weight of the need for steel reinforcement can be reduced by 40%. This is in accordance with European strategy to reduce import dependency of raw materials and energy. Polybo will therefore be able to tackle the lack of available and affordable housing in Europe in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient manner.

Polybo Dryhouse system


The «Polybo Dryhouse system» is a solution that allows all components of the house to be produced in factory and to be assembled on site, using bolts, screws or other similar types of fixing methods.

No painting, casting or plaster work will be required to complete the house to «turn key» delivery standard.

 A general view of newly built houses at Dadun village of Lingshui ethnic Li Autonomous County, Hainan province, January 18, 2013. Around 3,500 villagers started to move into 1,029 new houses, each of which measures 253 square meters and took two years to build, according to local reports. Picture taken January 18, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer (CHINA – Tags: SOCIETY BUSINESS CONSTRUCTION) CHINA OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN CHINA – RTR3CQCO[/caption]


The special advantages of this system are: Very short construction time, easy to dismantle the house and reassembled on a new site, high environmental profile because of no waste on building site and whole house – or components of the house can be reused.  The system`s special designed construction system, with reinforced polyconcrete deck – and wall elements, is also very flexible for later changes; like adding new floors, making extensions etc.

In addition, the total cost can be reduced due to efficient logistics in the industrial production process. With industrial production of all Components of the house, the quilt can be improved and given individual choice of the user for components and material types.

This solution is also flexible for meeting new energy qualification standards, like passive or active standards and for using renewable energy with solar panels on walls and roof.