Polybo shall help people solve their housing needs in a manner that provides better quality and more environmental friendly solutions, adapted to local needs, terms and requirements.

Environmental aspect

In order to meet international goals (China’s 5-year plan, the UN’s sustainability goals, EU 2050 Energy Strategies), the world needs new and more environmentally friendly building materials and methods.

  • Reduse waste, transport, emissions during production
  • Reduse material usage
  • Reduse energy for heating/cooling
  • Extend life span
  • Afteruse / Recycling


Building productivity, environment-friendly, quality, reduced construction time and lower price for homes requires major changes globally in the construction industry. Polybo building technology is part of this paradigm.

  • Prefabricated elements and components – Plug & Play
  • Up to 30 % lower price efficiency and higher qualities. Important for both users and building industries.
  • Low energy expenses during life cycle.
  • Low cost for redesign or upgrading of technical systems. Improves the user possibility to improvement and changes due to life situation in families.
  • Easy to reuse or recycle elements after life span improves house value
  • Industrial produced elements – Consistent Quality. Follows specified standards the sub-assemblies of the structure will be built to a uniform quality
  • Shorter Construction Time
  • Factory-controlled environment utilizing dry materials, less risk for problems associated with moisture, environmental hazards and dirt.